May 11, 2009


... are real actors who make real theatre, only their plays are not directed. No scripts, just imagination and intuition. No constraints, only relaxed spontaneous humour. You can meet them HERE and sense their art live on Wednesday at Bubbles.

I've came up with a logo for Improvisneyland: it expresses our basic emotions as theatre loses masks and becomes real.

I've also created their 'stage costumes' and hope to show you the guys actually wearing the t-shirts soon.
So... are you up for some fun?


monica Mitrica said...

hi there.....well done.....and gooood luck!

you have lot to draw and paint....go for it and teach us how to play and have some fun...some of us have forgetten...with love, mo

Monica said...

dear kitten,

improvisneyland thanks you a lot! your work is great, and it will do as a world of good!
keep going!


one is glad to be of help! :)

BURP said...

hehe :) foarte dragutze