July 25, 2009


Some time ago I used to think that knowing a lot of people is not such a big deal. Perhaps it was my feeling insecure and having difficulties trusting another. Time passed by and things changed a bit, knowing so many people gives me joy and strenght nowadays.
I know my friends from school, some of them I know for a few years, and some only for a few weeks.
If I go back in time again I find myself when I was 18 imagining that making new friends won't be easy when I will be 28. I can tell you now that's not true at all!

In this world that's sometimes scary or sad, the most beautiful thing is getting to really know someone. Listening to them, sharing, laughing and feeling together... Nothing can stop us from liking each other.


DaDa said...

este pt Doria mea? :P


Daaa, e pentru Doria care este super mega ultra simpatica, dar stii asta deja :))