September 15, 2009

Just like my dreams, red gold and green.

To me autumn feels a lot like spring, just like wonderful beginnings, like catching the fine line between night and sunrise. I wish for words, but words are nothing when you want to draw feelings.

I feel this past week was... red. Warm and spontaneous, anxious and mad and warm again.
Without a lot of words, I am right where I want to be.

And no, I am not in love. I just love life.
And you, how do YOU feel this autumn?

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ana said...

I just started my last year of high school. And i wasn't very excited about it. Anyway...on thuesday I had French and my teacher gave us as homework to design our own T-shirt (with words in french, bien sur and drawings) and that made me think about you and the tees for a moment ;))
Here (in the middle of Ardeal) it's pretty hot for autumn. I still think we're in august. And the school it's just a dream.