December 19, 2009

Fast Art.

Someone said my art is like fast-food: it is a reflection of the times we live, you can consumme it right away and it answers the need to have it here and now.
I am not sure whether they wanted to be mean or they projected their own issues in this opinnion, but in fact this statement is not so bad.
As I was browsing through a 20th century art album I could see that each painter was very adapted to social and political events of the time. So each art declaration was a message that not only reflected the needs of that time but added a very personal view of the matter.

So if my art is really seen as a mirror for present it means I succeeded in showing my message: in these times, allow yourself to be wrong from time to time, allow playing into your life and what is most important always turn to yourself.
Without turning it into theory, I believe time has tightened these days, meditation and relaxation are not a habit anymore so we need to get our ideas fast, feel and live them quick instead. We need powerful messages instead of elaborate compositions.
What about you? Do you get your thrills from art meditating or do you feel the need to climax right away?


Andreea Vaduva said...

The first picture is just lovely. An element that couldn't have missed in your world :)

mada said...

buna!am o intrebare..tricourile pot fi comandate de pe acest site?cat costa cel alb de exemplu?:)


Buna Mada,

Da, tricourile pot fi comandate. Imi poti scrie un e-mai cu toate detaliile pe care le doresti.
Cu drag!