January 18, 2010

Personal style.

Hot City's newest feature is a fashion oracle compiled and organized by creative soulful Adina Necula. I am honored to be the first to answer the few questions that were in fact a lot of fun.
You can read it all here.

So the first word I associate fashion with is freedom. I also think that each day can make a change in the fashion course, I give my respects to the teams behind the brands and I would never give up on sneakers. :-)
The color prevailing in my wardrobe is blue, the last book I read was Sex, shopping and a novel by Alain de Botton.
I always carry my wallet, moleskine and pencil and I wish that tomorrow love would be in the air everywhere.
Also, when I was asked about the thing I would never wear, I couldn't think of anything.

How about you, what is the first word that comes into your mind when you say fashion?


A Dreamer said...

Uhm.. beautiful!
In that pure, nice way..

Adina said...

Thank you so much my dear for all your kinf words and of course for your inspiring answers :)

susélie said...

and about fashion. fashion is freedom that's true!
and fashion is expressing emotions. and also memories. i have a blue coat but wearing it doesn't mean i'm blue. it gives me self confidence, balance and happiness because i have it from bucharest and i accociate it with days and friends and happiness there:)


Dreamer, yeah you mostly feel it rather than describe it.


Adina, anytime with pleasure!


Suse,I don't really believe in the classic interpretation of colors either.