March 25, 2010

No regrets.

This design was inspired by Oana. She told me wonderful love stories about making up and breaking up, about the butterflies that bring happiness and the ones that take their tingling away leaving one confused or disappointed.
It can be a story for each one of us. We fall in love, we might fall out, we feel we can run to the top of the world and back when we see our lovers, then we may feel helplessly bound to the ground when they take their kisses away.

I fell in and out of love many times. And it was special and beautiful every time. I have no regrets, they don't work for me as I want to remember everything and not deny it. From the unstoppable waves of heat in the waiting of a phone call to the cold hands of saying goodbye, I am happy it all happened.
And you know what? In the matters of the heart, I have only learned to put my fears aside and just live. As for the rest of each story, we never seem to learn. And I think that's exactly the whole beauty of it.


Anky said...

The drawing is amazing! :)
and I totally agree with you..regrets don't work.

Mihaela said...

Absolut superb...Chiar vroiam sa te intreb. Daca vreau sa comand ceva, eu fiind in Romania, cat vin taxele de transport?

Cristina Papacu said...

Anky *blushing*
All my support on your moving to Munich!

Cristina Papacu said...

Buna Mihaela!
Taxele postale sunt intre 15 si 30 lei.

Anky said...

Thank you for the good thoughts!
I cherish them! :)