May 5, 2010

Walking on sunshine, woooah

Since three days are not actually enough to visit every touristic sight of a glamorous city as Barcelona, I woke up today, drank my coffee on the terrace and decided to go walking wherever the road leads.
It rained yesterday and it was pretty cold, the forecast provided bad weather until next Monday but guess what, the heavy clouds sneaked out by noon today and the sun showed up revealing a velvety blue sky!
Ina, her cool roommates and their good vibe (plus lasagna and cream strawberries) made me feel very welcome here
(they are rainbows, too).
I am just feeling my heart with each step, walking its rhythm.


skyturtle said...

Three days in Barcelona are just a like a first date :)
And it's good to have you around in person, not just in the RSS reader.

Cristina Papacu said...

obrigadinha... aa muy gracias