July 27, 2010


We all have secrets. I mean, things that we don't tell everyone, at least since our first encounters, events or emotions that are strongly connected to our intimacy that we only share when we deeply trust another. Smaller secrets, bigger secrets, they are all so personal as they hide our fears, our wishes, our grieves, so we hide them from the world as well as we protect ourselves.
But how about finding out a friend who we entrusted our secrets, our intimacy, our darkest or most profound feelings is confessing them to others? Is that fair? We chose to tell them, because they were supposed to be our friends, we didn't choose to broadcast our secrets on TV. It hurts when finding out so, but hey, at least we know what to do: open our eyes wider and reconsider friendship. And that leads me to another belief of mine: friendship is about trust and help, not about partying and saying I love yous that fly away with the wind.

So, do you want to hear a secret of mine? Well, I was eight years old after my parents got a divorce and all in all it was terrible for me, although I didn't even know it. I didn't feel special at all and my self esteem was very low as I somehow took the blame on myself. So you know what I used to do to feel better? I used to imagine and daydream about having superpowers, like moving objects with my mind, fly or walk through walls. I wished so much I had these powers, so that my parents would see how special I was, in the end.
I wanted to share my secret with you because I trust you wouldn't judge me, and I believe you are here as a friend. I know you have secrets too, that you are more than meets the eye, behind appearances, that's why I also wouldn't judge you for your choices.
The new t-shirt will remind you it's OK to have secrets, it's OK to protect yourself.


Andreea said...

I don't want you to be disappointed but I have super powers too, you know? and I'm not 8 anymore, still I'll dream till the day I die that somewhere deep inside me lies a superpower :D ~capu' sus~ Hugs!!!

Examples of superpowers:
- cuteness
- great listening skills
- persuasion
- unconditional love

Cristina Papacu said...

Ce frumos imi scrii tu, de cate ori am nevoie. Multumesc, Bib!

mo said...

ah, eu care credeam ca toti avem "superpowers".... nu-i asa?
Asaaaa-i...ai vrut doar sa ma pacalesti...hmmm, mai aveai un pic si te credeam ca suntem toti obisnuiti!!!:)))
Eu sunt scufundata de ceva vreme in Ben 10 si alte bazaconii de desene animate ...cu omitrixuri, puteri magice si alte cele....Ma'cu e de vina, sa stii!
Eu am fost f cuminte dar el e asa de simpatic, si frumos si cu ochi albastri si are o mutrita asa de convingatoare ca uite, m-a atras in capcana....dar am capatat o multime de "superowers' si am invatat ce fac fiecare dintre ele si cand pot sa le folosesc...vrei si tu un training?....e pe gratis, ca-mi esti "good friend and the best kitten ever"....pup