October 27, 2010


Yesterday, while chatting with my dear sister Alice we realized we don't celebrate too many holidays, better said, the holidays listed in the calendar are not enough. So... we decided to invent our own holidays.

We didn't have to think much, the idea for a first holiday just came all of a sudden: October 27 will be Creeps Day for us. We probably felt instinctively that we need to loosen up a bit on the sweet behavior, so we made a plan that tomorrow we'll follow in the footsteps of some kind of a Wednesday Addams, telling people exactly what's on our minds without any gallantry. Seriously, straight face, no kidding. Our bits of talking to people will be spontaneous; right now I don't know what we'll say but here's an example of how our interactions at work could be:

I don't hug.
(colleague) Oh, you're just shy.
Nope, I'm contagious.


(colleague) How do I look?

Well, I'm expecting loads of grins laughter, wish me luck anyways! :-)
What's your idea of a fun day?

1 comment:

sasha said...

I do that all the time :d' actually I'm making great efforts not do say aloud what ever I may be thinking about someone... :D

Guess I'm a total creep