October 19, 2010

Perfect Autumn Jewelry SALE...

Aliniere în centru... on Biba Bijoux! One of the best news lately, as you can buy original handcrafted items for prices in the range of 3 - 5 euros. Yep, you read it right, it's a real clearance.
The artist's site is in Romanian, but you can easily shop by viewing, choosing and adding to cart. You can also use an online currency converter, or write to her if you have any questions and information you might need, I know she will kindly answer.
There it is, I wish you... happy accessorizing!

Biba Bijoux Sale


Andreea said...

Thank you, so much, Kitten!

PS: great news - Cosmina has delivered Monday night and rumor has it she's precious :)

Cristina Papacu said...

with love always
I already saw Horia's status :-)) congrats!

sasha said...

ce dragut e colierul de mai sus :) !

congrats Comsina :d (whoever you are) :) may she be merry and wise