March 8, 2011


Here's the big sale as I promised and although it's not a huge collection of discounted items, I think they make a super cool wardrobe for the spring to come. Wear them with jeans or skirts, maybe hot pants and lots of smiles, of course!

Giraffes!, light weight cotton t-shirt with tulle appliques, size M/38. Sold
Life is not a fairytale, cotton maxi t-shirt/dress, size M/38. Sold

Bring it on, lady fit t-shirt with cotton applique, size M/38. Sold
Giraffe and the city, cotton lady fit t-shirt, felt applique, size S/36. Sold

Giraffes and the city, lady fit t-shirt, red cotton, size S/36, felt appliques. Sold
Hug me!, maxi t-shirt/dress, gray cotton,size M/38. Sold

I'm blue, lady fit t-shirt, size L/40, with felt & tulle appliques. Sold
Kitten's got a gun, lady fit, size L/40, with a heart felt brooch on the sleeve. Sold

Drama queen, lady fit t-shirt with a heart felt brooch on the sleeve, size M/38. Sold
I love to dance, maxi t-shirt/dress, tulle bow. Sold

I'm not afraid of dragons, size M/38, lady fit t-shirt with tulle sleeves.
Business mice, pink long t-shirt, size M/38, tulle sleeves. Sold

I heart biking, maxi t-shirt/dress, blue cotton, size M/38.
If I ruled the world, gray cotton t-shirt with cotton appliques. Sold

I forgot to mention that each t-shirt is unique, hand painted and hand crafted. In the absence of a non-virtual store, I can also say the weight of the fabrics and textures vary, but they all feel very soft to the touch.
I hope you find a favorite t-shirt among them and I'm wishing you a lovely day!

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