March 28, 2011

One million giraffes.

I've stumbled upon this unique idea recently: two friends made a bet, one said that the other one couldn't collect one million giraffes. Well he actually did it, 440 days later with the help of hundreds of people that sent their artwork worldwide.
I couldn't browse the whole collection, but what I saw was really inspiring: pencil drawings, paintings, collages, giraffes made from beans, of stick tape on a keyboard, the Beatles as giraffes, hands painted as giraffes, sketches with stories, exhibitions.
People of all ages, education and location contributed, making each piece special and the entire collection an amazing proof that we can create great things, even from scrap, just by positively working together.
I wish you have an uplifted new week, feeling limitless creative.
One million giraffes.


Anca said...

This is really great! What a wonderful dare. But, of course, giraffes are indeed awesome! :)

Cristina Papacu said...

yep, I think I previously said they are like cats, only a bit bigger.