May 14, 2011

About the courage of being who I am.

Do you know when you ask for directions on the street and you get that feeling that you asked the wrong people or they look like they don't know what the funk you're talking about but still they give you directions?
After they answer we continue on our way and we have a choice: we either follow the path that we felt was the right one without actually knowing the map, or we take the one others indicated. Whenever we decide to follow our hearts there's always a good outcome, the way might be twisted and have bumps but we surely enjoy every step of it. Whenever we choose the path that other people thought is better, we come to a dead end, one way or another - in most unfortunate cases we run around in circles for years trying to break out from that dead end. There IS a way out and that is going all the way back and taking again the way that we felt was right in the first place.

We needn't listen to people saying we don't know what to do with our lives or call us names, most of them never had the courage to change anything, most of them haven't even tried another way, most of them buried their own dreams.
We needn't worry that we lost time and energy walking the wrong way, as everything is important time is never lost, we always learn things that will help on the new path.
We needn't regret we followed other people's directions cause now we learned to take a better look in our hearts, let go of fears and trust ourselves more.
We only need to follow our instincts and take a step on the way that we wanted!

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