May 2, 2011

Carcavelos beach.

I wasn't in the best shape today so I made a quick run at the beach, this time the biggest one on the coast. If you are visiting from Lisbon you must know that it's situated between Parede and Oeiras train stops and it's about one km away from the station. The beach is a favorite place for surfers and others that spend quality time here all throughout the year.

If you go all the way at the end of the boardwalk you'll find a very impressive sight: a 16th century fort called Forte de São Julião da Barra, which marks the mouth of river Tejo. It's the biggest marine fortification in the country and it served to protect the river entrance from enemy ships. I hear it's currently the residence of the Ministry of Defense, so same old same old :-)

I hope you find the beach nice and the information useful. Have an excellent week!


sasha said...

ce merg imaginile astea cu pink martini - hand on little tomato :)

Cristina Papacu said...

abia acum am ascultat :-P
tu cum mai esti?