June 17, 2011

Super deal Saturday

Are you ready for summer's most dazzling days at the beach and glittering evenings? Well, if you feel you're missing a touch to create your perfect outfits and you need just the sparks to go all foxy, then this is the chance: two of my talented friends are hosting the best promos this summer!

Anca, the lovely artist at Bo3mia offers a 30% discount on any order for a whole month from June 15 until July 15. You can find either romantic or playful items in her shop and if Romanian is not one of the languages you know, I'm sure she will kindly give you all the information you need.

Her favorite material is polymeric clay which she accessorizes perfectly with beads, lace, copper, gold and hand painted silk ribbon. The price range is very attractive, between 3 & 15 Eur... Wait, wait, what did you say, you want them all?
For further information contact bo3mia@gmail.com

If you step in Daria's world you will easily realize everything she touches turns to beauty from outfits she wears to one of a kind jewelry + the colors are amazing: honeysuckle buds, peach flowers, chocolate and butter stand out from her palette.
Indeed like a kitten, she likes to play making cute animal necklaces, felt foxes, button pins and many more as you can see in her shop.

With every purchase that you make between June 15 and September 1, Kittenhood offers you a chance to win a 50$/150 RON gift card in the shop! Each product that you buy will be assigned a number, which will automatically participate in the competition - so more purchases, more chances.
Details and friendship requests at dar.142173@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

oh, you are so sweet! thanks a bunch!

Cristina Papacu said...

Don't mention it, it's sweet to let the world know about talented artists.

Anca said...

Oh my, you're such a sweetie! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D