August 11, 2011

How to make a baby girl t-shirt

Today's post is about creativity.

Transform, innovate + actually do the whole process, not just have an idea. I hope we lose the fear of making mistakes, let ourselves free and create. Oh, and it's OK if we don't start from scratch (we won't invent the wheel again - darn it - but we will certainly build it better, give it other use or make it nicer, which is equally important).

So grab a t-shirt (new or older, for you or loved ones), pieces of fabric, scissors, needle, thread + other accessories like pom-poms, buttons, bows, anything will do.

Cut a heart shape both from the original t-shirt and fabric. Sew the new heart on the t-shirt.

Draw on another piece of fabric using textile acrylics or markers. It can be anything and the only skills you need are joy + love. Sew over the heart.

Tadaaa! One of my best friends is expecting the loveliest baby girl so I made this t-shirt for her (there is a whole meaning behind the use of a panda bear). I hope she'll like it...

... and I hope you too have an awesome session of creating, I promise you will feel great!


Anca said...

Oh, I love this post! It so inspiring and inviting..ant that little tee is so cute, I can tell it's for a special little girl! :)

Cristina Papacu said...

I'm glad I could make it inviting. What I'm trying to explain (and if I can't I hope one takes my word for it) is that doing something creative, no matter what it is, makes you feel really great + at peace with everything. One will realize in the end is not the result that matters...
*if you ever made clothes for dolls, that's how I felt using this very small t-shirt, it was so precious

Anca said...

I totally agree, it's the journey, not the destination :p

Oh, that's so cute! Not only I attacked my mom's stash of fabrics when I was a kid, but I really wanted a mini-van for my Barbie-like I made one from a shoe box! It was awesome! :D

I guess everybody should try to make and offer something heart made to a dear one..