August 30, 2011

Ocean T-shirt

Hello from near the ocean.

You might think this is a long-winding descriptive post about how beautiful the sights are on this Portuguese coast. It's not.

If you visit kittn blog you already know it's all about human nature.

These days I've been focusing a lot on how much time of our lives we waste with intrigues, unhealthy games + complications instead of experiencing, discovering, living and actually honoring the place.

We judge and we hate without even trying to see more than what meets the eye. We always wait for another to make a change first.

Here near the ocean everyone has positions, statuses, education, hierarchies, grades.

But the funny thing is when you look down they all have sand on their feet.


Anca said...

Such a lovely post!
Oh, and I never thought of an octopus as being so cute! :)

Cristina Papacu said...

Me neither!
They are so generously drawable, pardon my french. :-))

Ina said...

Love it!