September 26, 2011

Feira Na Fábrica

Hello Monday, hello cats. How was your weekend?

We've been attending a fair in Lisbon yesterday so it was all good: kittns saw awesome stuff other cool people invent + had delicious home made cake. We had a wonderful time along with our amazing public relations manager Marco and new friends we met.

Here are a few photos... here's a bit of sunshine to begin this new week!


Ina said...

how wonderful. wish i was there with you to pr you too and eat that cake :>

Cristina Papacu said...

My dear friend :-D

I wish you were there with us too, it would have been perfect!
By the way, you never wrote about Ciutadela and your fans are waitiiiing

kittenhood said...

yey for fairs in lisbon! I hope you go to plenty more and that they're all great!

sasha said...

aww, ai participat la fair. felicitari! vezi, vezi? :)

Cristina Papacu said...

Me too D.,I hope I can work out some new stuff soon or in between baby cuddling sessions :-)
I think having a cool attractive display (booth) is very very important at these fairs.
Thank you for your support!

Cristina Papacu said...

Yes draga mea Sasha, a fost un prim contact de bun augur si nu numai ca am participat dar am si vandut! ha!:-D