February 6, 2012

Shoe box for photographs

I'm posting a little late about the fifth thing, I'm a bit tired cause I've been meowing + mooing + singing all day + all the other thrills when you have a ten week old at home (including starring into each others eyes for hours, like lovers).

I started working on it yesterday but I finished today: it's a cardboard (shoe) box turned into a pretty box to store memories like photos, notes, etc. How it's made? We torn apart a few fashion magazines in search of the perfect (as if) images, then we crumpled (for a vintage look) and glued it onto the box. Then... um, no, there's nothing more, that's it.

I hope this has been inspiring and I wish you plan + enjoy a very creative week... but see you a bit later!


Kumiko Mae said...

wow!! i like the boxes :D

Cristina Papacu said...

glad you do baby, thanks for dropping by!