February 3, 2012

What was in fashion in 1986

Today's drawing is the first of a series I want to create illustrating fashion over the years. I would love it if someone would get me such a present: a T-shirt, a tote bag or a huggable pillow showing what was in style the year I was born. What do you think?

Let's start with 1986. I looked up the historical events, but they were mostly scary so we won't go there (terrible things happen anyway, so let's focus on the positive, like fashion for instance).

The ladies wore anything with huge shoulder pads (yes, even T-shirts), chunky jewelry, ribbons and big headbands. Tight belts would highlight the waist and purses would match the shoes (preferably flat ones). Leather jackets over corset dresses, knee length trousers, men shirts and hats rocked all in pastels, color block, as well coordinating black and white.

Singles we still love, like Europe's The final countdown, Berlin's Take my breath away, Chris's Lady in Red and Madonna's Papa don't preach, were number ones all across the world.

And to add magic to it, my awesome friend Denisa was born that year. Put your hands up for 1986!

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