June 5, 2009

I T-shirt You

Swing Tee, hand painted yellow cotton with black tulle.

You are a terrific person t-shirt, original hand painted design on white cotton.

Summer Love 09, eco paint on yellow cotton with white tulle.

Feel Kitten white cotton t-shirts. Hand painted designs with zipper appliques.

Loves Me Loves Me Not, white and grey design on electric blue with tulle appliques.

Life is not a fairytale. White cotton t-shirt, hand painted original design.

Kitten Inside on an electric blue t-shirt with zipper applique.

You deserve love black hand painted t-shirt with tulle.

Model: Monica
Photo: Andreea
Jewlery: Biba Bijoux

You can choose your design, size and request any other details by e-mail at kittenwear@gmail.com
Looks like a dreamy summer, right?


Andreea Vaduva said...

I T-shirt you back!

Tea said...

I neeeeed one of them tees. you know which one, hihi.
You know my size, you know my number ;)