November 16, 2009

Can't you see?

One of my recurrent dreams at night is being in a city that is always dark. There are no lights and I feel restless: I need the light to find something. Tonight you were in my dream. We were searching for each other in this city with no lights. I couldn't find you.

But I found a solution for the time being: I decided not to look for you.
If you are you and I am me then we need no light. There is no searching, there is no waiting.
So, what are we waiting for?


Oana Maria said...

they can say "never say never" however many times they want. still I'll never stop looking for the thoughts & feelings in your words... still, it's when I stop looking that the unique happens...

PS can u make this design in a T-
shirt? :) ar fi foarte fain. si bine ai sosit, Cristina!


yep, I sometimes force things my way and that's no good.
thankyou for being!
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