November 10, 2009


I am leaving on Friday and I feel rather strange. At one moment my all my emotions are brought back by memories, at one moment I feel like I'm going so fast forward. I keep telling myself I am here trying to be aware of the present.

Here is a gift I received from Miki. She baked these muffins, made sugar letters and oh I was so overwhelmed I began to cry and laugh at the same time, just like in my drifting between past and future. I couldn't even say thankyou, but I guess she knows she has my love.


Andreea Vaduva said...

Cat de frumos!!! Tricoul si cadoul. Meriti tot ce e mai bun! Deci muffins sa fie :)

Verde Ursuz said...

>:D< you're very, very welcome. I'll miss you, but not for long 'cause we'll see each other again.

MO said...

Nice T-shirt!
" Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday "

So, GOOOO girl!
Be happy, live your life and don't look back!

Ai curaj sa fii fericita! Meriti!

Cu drag, MO


Multumesc cu drrrrrrrag, Mo!

madalina m. said...

it was bitter sweet meeting you ... as everything should be. you were one of the few who put a mirror in my face - and i appreciated it, trully... i do hope our path cross again. now go get them girl!!!