February 26, 2010

/whois Cristina

When I left for Portugal you asked me: for good? I told you I don't know as I felt nothing outside our inner universe was for good.
About me you should know that besides living in Romania I've also lived for quite a while in Holland and Germany. For now it's Portugal and I'm following where my heart leads.
I like change, I love being everywhere and nowhere. I love being here with you where we come together, where our worlds collide.
Oh, and my favorite color is blue,
blue like the color of our planet from far, far away.


viviana b said...

imi place cafeaua lunga, cu zahar brun si fara lapte....:)
as vrea sa mi-o serviti intr-o ceasca albastra, se poate ?:D

Cristina Papacu said...

Sigur, va fi ceasca albastra.
Va fac si un platouas? :-)

MO said...

Fetelor, ce ma fac?
Eu nu beau cafea...o ceasca de ceai albastru gasiti si pentru sufletelul meu! Aduc io mierea si lamaia!

Si apoi ne albastrim impreuna...

viviana b said...

Kitten... da, da, da! Mai ales daca e cu prajiturele...:)

viviana b said...

Mo...cu cel mai mare drag....:)