March 4, 2010

Happy Three Friends

Camelia wrote to me about her two best friends, in fact she wrote about their friendship in wonderful simple words that send such a positive vibe and are so inspiring.
"Our friendship is a perfect circle, I don't even remember for how long. We are like three sisters, we support, complete and love each other. All of us have daring dreams, we are normal I guess but we feel special, so the t-shirts should have us three lovely ladies conquering
the world."

I wish them to treasure and hold each other close at heart. Friendship is the world's eighth wonder after all!


MO said...

Lovely .... a friendship like a perfect circle! .... very nicely put into words...very well put into colours!

Kindle said...

This is wonderful for gff’s I love the prints it’s so cute!

viviana b said...

frumoase tricourile pentru fete....:)