April 15, 2010


... is fun no matter what color you have, no matter whom you make love to, no matter where you are.
You may look like a yellow ladybug, you may have the shape of a red kitten, you may even appear like a green puppy, but inside all hearts beat the same.

You may choose differently than another, but it doesn't mean your choice is better or worse. It just means we all feel and think our own ways, even though our bodies and minds work the same.

PS. There will be love, rainbows and people proudly wearing kitten at Gay Fest 2010.


borderliner said...

Zomg, zomg, zomg...I was actually ill this whole weekend+Friday and I couldn't surf the web (saw your post is two days old already).
They are lovely...I luvs them and I just can't wait to receive them (including the I-don't-know-what-they-are-but-I-love-them-thingies in the last picture :D).
And yes indeed, this homosexual over here will proudly wear his Kitten t-shirt!
Meowy hugs!

iheartcolorz said...

colored kittens !! :) sounds like a combination of u & me :))))

Cristina Papacu said...

kittens hug you close-close