April 8, 2010

Other times.

Sometimes I know men by their walk.
Emphatic walk, dangled walk, tip toe walk. Fast walk, invisible walk. Avoidant walk.
Other times, I don't take enough time to see it.
Sometimes I know men by their voices.
Low voices, unsteady voices. Lost voices, voices that linger. Present voices, guilty voices. Voices that tell, voices that are silent.
Other times, I only hear what I want to.
Sometimes I know men by their hands.
Idle hands, sleek hands, trembling cold hands. Stern hands, watery hands. Vivid hands, hands that hold secrets.
Other times, I am too close to notice.


cosmofever said...

am citit pe nerăsuflate! superb! <3

Cristina Papacu said...

Andreea, iti multumesc ca esti pe aici. Si eu am scris pe nerasuflate!

mo said...

Sometimes wonderfull souls are known by their words...and you are one of them!