March 30, 2011

Spring giveaway

To me this spring is about fun, charm and the color red. Jewelry has to be accordingly, but I am more interested in your thoughts and opinions.
What you need to do is visit Charm de Paris, take a good look at the wonderful jewelry and pick one that represents your spring. You have a lot to choose from! Then write a comment here showing us your favorite one and take a chance to own a lovely charm that can be worn both as a necklace and brooch. A kitten told me Charm de Paris will even give away two pieces, carefully wrap them in organza sachets and deliver them.
So that's it, get inspired and write here your comment until April, 20. I wish you the best of charm luck!


Diana said...

jewlwery...should at any time, make you feel special, and preciouse. This Spring is the same.For me a simple but charming piece of jewlery is the perfect accessory.
This Spring I'm inspired by the smell of the trees blossom, the colors of my kite in sunlight when I let it flow towards the sky, people smiling on the streets,spring flowers...and many many other things.

lovely giveaway!


Manuela said...

To me this spring is about enjoying life, early travels to the seaside, time spent with friends and nature in all its forms: the swallows I'm waiting for again this year to build their nest above my door and the storks I already saw arriving when I was in Constanta last week.

Jewellery should be fresh, coloured and lively.

Cristina Papacu said...

Diana & Manuela, thanks a lot for your haring and support! Yep, to me it has something to do with the seaside too, and why not, the free feeling when playing with a kite...
Which is your favorite 'springish' jewelry from Charm de Paris?


Thank you for giving me the joy of discovering a lot of realy, realy beautiful pieces .

My spring has to have tourqouise in it :) and i found on CHARMDEPARIS a nice combination perfect for this spring - some dark colour and then a bright one ;), becose in the spring time is not always sunny!

sasha said...


to be spring is like a woman, both delicate and strong, shy and daring. it's all about the dizzines of waking up from the winter, all jellow mellow covered in lots of layers and a burst of energy when seeing the sun.
it's about the flowers - fragile and soft - and about all the noise of people, bugs starting to feel alive again.

that's why I have to choose two pieces:
1. - True Rose Opal -this one, which I totally love, reminds me of apple trees flowers, simple and soft.

this broche - like waking up from the winter, feeling that inner energy level rising and rising.

ramona said...

I've chosen CLAUDETTE becouse of the beautiful colorsin it, it's like a signal for a start to blossum in every way possible - as a better women, wife, friend, mother, daughter in law ;), to keep short CLAUDETTE brings out the spring in me, this is how i wish my spring to be.

I don't have a blog, i hope that it's not a problem, i will send in a email my address.

Manuela said...

Now that you asked I saw that we were supposed to choose one piece of jewellery also :-)
I like the Clementine bracelet. It has a cat, a leaf and the blue from my sea in it... lovely

cosmofever said...

To me, this spring is all about staying focused and working as much as I can towards reaching several goals. It's a time for making decisions, breaking away from old constraints and trying to move on in a way that I can not only live with, but even be happy about someday. The piece of jewelry that best represents what this spring means to me is the Amethyst Royal set consisting of earrings and bracelet. I think the color reflects strength, endurance and the ability to recreate yourself and consequently, your life. They're not only extremely beautiful but also a mood booster! We all know the power of purple :D

Here's the link:

P.S. Great giveaway!

cosmofever said...

Hey, ce se aude de giveaway? :) kisses

Cristina Papacu said...

astept febril si eu raspuns din partea Iuliei de la Charm de Paris.
Imi pare rau pentru mica intarziere, promit sa nu dureze mult!