April 1, 2011


I don't have a perfect life, oh, I am far far from that.
I weigh six kilos over the point where my figure would be curvy, I live with my in-laws (insert holding breath here) and I feel vaguely detached from my own self most of the time.
I'm thirty years old and I haven't had a sense of direction in life ten years ago, nor do I have now (actually, I think of myself as being two times fifteen, it's more fun).
I started a handmade business almost four years ago and financially I am at the same level. I seem to cut my shoulder-length hair short all the time just to convince myself that I was on the right track growing it in the first place.
My workplace and room always look way past fashionably distressed (I particularly have a special relationship with socks that appear everywhere at most unexpected times).
And there would be a few more discontents I live with daily (or traits that one doesn't brag about so much) but you know what, f... orget that, I am happy to show you a few images from the project I am working on and I hope will be out in one week.

What would YOU change about your life?


Anca said...

Oh boy, I wish that I had a great big-life-changing and wise thing to say right now, but I'll stick with perfection is overrated. Plus, who wants to be perfect really? That's no fun, beside impossible. :P

As for things I don't like about my life right now: I have gained some unwanted weight, I don't do sports, my skin got all crazy on me..too vain? And I wish I could be the kind of person that puts herself out there more and make new friends in a country where I can barely speak the language. Yap!

Amazing pics..can't wait to see the result!

And, to me, you are amazing! Two times 15!!! :))

colorsdiary said...

i feel pretty much the same as you do, i m not sure if it s comfortable to know it but surely it won t help...

good luck with the project!

Cristina Papacu said...

Thanks for sharing, denise. Your comfort is real, not the fact that you have to put up with some negativity, but the fact that you understand.
When things get tough (after I cry and shout) I usually do something nice, really nice like a good deed for someone, because in those moments it's the least generous and kind that I feel, so I'm somehow breaking the pattern.
What do you do to surpass those moments/days?

Cristina Papacu said...

Anca, you know what I've learned? Life changes don't have to be big to count.
And you know what is the best news? What we don't seem to like is more or less in our power to change.
Hugs from your average bitchin' lady :-)

colorsdiary said...

uhm, hard to say as i don t have a solution for all times but the most useful is to walk, like a lot, with music in my ears and no talk until i'm ok. crying also helps.

cosmofever said...

Oh, where do I begin... it's actually kinda sad how many things I would change. A better question would probably be, "what wouldn't I change" :)

Cristina Papacu said...

That might actually be the happiest way to start your change, by positively acknowledging the right ones in your life (size and number are relative).