April 27, 2011

Summer dreaming.

The fresh scent of mornings, sparkling tan, reading fashion magazines on the beach, sun dresses loose allover the room, pink kissed nail polish, cats bathing in the sun, late nights out, making new friends and feeling the grass with bare feet, these are a few of my favorite summertime things...

... and these supa dupa dresses from romwe. com became my favorites too, I can't even begin saying how I would wear and accessorize them! By the way, check the chica-bonita shoes too, the collection of gotta-have-them-all leggings and don't-hate-me-cause-I'm-beautiful jewelry.
I've already ordered some cuties and until they get here I'll be dreaming some more of how cool this summer's going to be.
Wishing you a we-are-golden good time!

Later edit: they have a hot campaign on facebook so first off you Like the page, then you begin the hunt for product pictures up to an amazing 90% off! Check out the Finding Coupons and click it to Shop (main page, on the left) - you get even more surprises there!

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