April 30, 2011

Place-a-day project, may 2011.

I always forget about thing-a-day, the yearly creative sprint that occurs in February, so all I do is watch the beautiful people that contribute and plan what I would do next edition (when I forget again).
But I had the greatest idea some days ago: I invented place-a-day!
I'm going to travel, photograph, sketch and talk about a place worth visiting in the area that I live. It's going to be one place each day for the following month, all shared with you.
I hope the trips will be interesting, I want to meet nice people, get to know more stuff and last but not least I wish the way will be paved with surprises.

I hope place-a-day will be entertaining and inspiring for you too.
Have a happy May Day!


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful idea, can't wait to check it out every day! also, the dress on this particular kitten is :-o !

cosmofever said...

this is a wonderful idea! I really can't wait to see where you're going. exciting! have fun on your travels no matter how far or near they may be :*

Cristina Papacu said...

tx babe, I hope it will be cool
the dress is inspired by an h&m dress (which I never got to buy) from a past collection

Cristina Papacu said...

I'm forcing myself out of the house, I've had enough of lying & whining
Thanks a lot, I'm waiting to hear about the new things you're planning too