May 2, 2011

Cascais-Estoril boardwalk.

If you visit Portugal this time of year be prepared to be amazed by the flowers: an explosion of colors on a green and blue background is all around. You don't need to visit the botanical gardens to take your share of oxygen and beauty, you can just walk the streets.
And the perfume, oh my, I don't know if it's because I quit smoking (since January) and my senses came back to normal (or maybe it's the pregnancy), but I feel I'm going crazy with these wonderful scents of roses and many many more flowers and trees.

I always loved yellow roses (and yellow flowers in general) and today, while taking a break from walking, I sketched some fabric designs that I will show soon.

So today I walked from Parede to Cascais and I guess there where app. ten km from which four or maybe five where just the actual boardwalk that connects Cascais and Estoril, two very touristic suburbs of Lisbon.

The boardwalk (paredão) twists and turns parallel with the railway and of course, the ocean. If the salty fresh air has caused you an appetite you can brunch, lunch, dinner or just have a snack at one of the many restaurants. They are charming and the service is great, but they're a bit expensive for my budget so I prefer to have a homemade sandwich and fruit in my backpack.

You can lay on one of the small beaches around or get fit and healthy using the outdoor gear available (with instructions). If you feel like exercising even more you can rent (for free) a bicycle from one of the stands in Cascais - you can bike all year on the boardwalk, except when touristic season starts and it becomes forbidden (the place gets very crowded). Oh, before I forget, water sports are available for learning and practicing, especially surfing.

A very good option is to just sit somewhere, maybe on the sand, maybe on a bench along the way, and do nothing. But you have to do it properly: no thinking, no moving, just stop and breathe.

Hope you enjoyed our walk!


Ina said...

I love your place a day idea and I was recently thinking myself about tourism in your own city.

Love the flowers!

Anca said...

It is simply wonderful there! :)
You know, I do have this theory about how people are way happier (or more prone to get way easier over the bumps) when they live in such wonderful places and so close to nature. Can't wait to see more! :)


P.S. M's tee is super cool! :)

Cristina Papacu said...

Ina, it would be great to read about interesting places and fun facts about Barcelona! (you know great minds think alike, mwhahaha)

Cristina Papacu said...

Anca, it's really beautiful and you're possibly right about taking things easier in a calmer place.
Although in my case, I sometimes feel like I live in a postcard and it's a bit too static for me, I miss a crowded city with everything that it offers - mainly rush and competition but I think the payoff is equally worth it (more fun, more ideas, more strength and will).