May 21, 2011

Feira da Ladra, finally.

Hooray, this week I visited the flea market on the right day! :-) I took bus 735 from Cais do Sodre, but if you're coming from the center of the city you can take No. 28 tram which is a must as it is traditional (but also a thrilling ride as it goes abruptly up & down the hills). If you are in the mood to walk, you can easily arrive going uphill from Baixa.

You're not going to regret it, as the surroundings are picturesque and really wonderful, believe me. I wish I had a better camera to capture all the details that I've seen, but I only photographed the fascinating narrow streets and whimsical balconies. It seemed like every building and every window had a great story to tell!

When I arrived at the fair at about 9 a.m. the temperature was so hot that we all almost started a war for a spot in the shadow (I already had packed a 1.5 liter bottle of water, be proud of me mum). I spent my time looking at household appliances, pots and pans, glasses, paintings, frames, bed sheets, apparel, shoes, electronics, cosmetics, vinyls, books, pop art, azulejos (Portuguese tiles), toys, pieces of toys, jewelry, Indian fashion, furniture... Big or small, new or old, everything was there.

Feira da Ladra means The (female) thief's market and the traders show their wares in Campo de Santa Clara street, São Vicente de Fora district of the city, close to Alfama (the oldest district, you will read about it in a future post).
Besides all the charming places and feelings, here is some practical advice when going to the fair:
  • hold your belongings tightly, have change and small bills;
  • the earlier you go, the better the finds;
  • the more you advance in the fair area, the cheaper the prices;
  • negotiate;
  • if you saw it and you love it, just get it otherwise you will regret not having it. :-)

After four hours of trance, calculation and indecision, wish lists, dreaming and making occasional friends I bought a replica Hermès scarf (which I had to have, but I don't know if I will wear), a bracelet for M. and these sweet hand crafted Mary Jane shoes from a couple who created beautiful leather works (I promised myself I would return for more).

PS. I forgot to explain the lack of posts: I've been feeling very nauseous and sleepy (11th week of pregnancy :-). I've been crafting many t-shirts and the rest of the time I've been walking around but more as exercising than visiting . Place-a-day project seems difficult to do every day, but I can extend it over a month's time, what do you say?


Anonymous said...

hey, congratulations on the bump :)

Cristina Papacu said...

thanks a lot!
♫ my bump my bump my bump in my lovely little trunk ♫ :-))

Anonymous said...

<3<3 :)