June 28, 2011

Summer mood

I've been planning to go to the beach for over a week now, a week that's been so hot, too hot to stay outside in the sun (and I've finally finished some drawing + t-shirt + planning world domination® work). So today was the big day... I packed my backpack since last night with all the beach gear I needed like sunscreen, towel, notebook, book and camera + an excellent summer/easy mood... And guess what. It wasn't sunny! It was still hot, but a bit dreary as the sun seemed to be playing hide and seek with the clouds.
I thought that if I wasn't going to get a sun tan, I would act like a beach bum girl anyway so I began by breathing in that unique smell of salty seaside + sun lotion scent. I didn't want to travel far so I chose São Pedro beach which is rather small inside a charming bay.

There were a lot of families with kids and I was thinking it would be loads of fun to play on the beach with my kid, after all, the best seaside holidays of my life so far were together with my mom. Oh, sweet memories... I've texted her to say I was dreaming of a future holiday somewhere on the beach. The sun had been starting to show more and more, but I had to go get lunch so I left thinking the day was worth it even if the weather hadn't been too shiny.
Waking up on a summer morning, opening the window and letting the cool breeze in, having a quick breakfast + kisses, music (always music), seeing couples sharing earphones on the beach, colored umbrellas, sand running from under my feet on the shore, children building sand castles, remembering past escapades while seeking for the undefined horizon line, as simple as these things appear to be, I'm thankful I've seen and lived them all today.

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