June 30, 2011

Summer Giveaway (no regrets pillow set + dragon wings t-shirt + handmade biz book)


Kittns worked a lot lately so they are finally taking three or four some days off relaxing on the beach. It would be the coolest thing in the world right now if you could come and join them, as they miss having friends around. If you can't join them now, kittns want you to be happy anyway, take some time off for yourself and enjoy soulful things.

That is why they decided to give away presents this summer:

  • a unique pillow set that's entirely hand crafted (+ hand painted using hypoallergenic textile paint, no solvents). The original drawing + text will remind you of your superhero powers and will be a friend for sweet napping or just hugging.

  • I am not afraid of dragons T-shirt, Medium size, with a hand painted drawing and a lovely set of tulle wings to help you let go of fear and feel like flying.

  • A brilliant book kittns bought here and read in a heartbeat. It was really really useful, that's why we would love to share the wisdom and pass it on (it would be nice if you did the same after you read it and took notes, in the hope that the handmade marketplace would grow & shine).
You can give your love too and enter the giveaway by following Kittn (see the Follow button at the bottom of this page) + leaving a comment about what you like or would like to see kittns do or write about + your contact.

We will use a random number generator to draw three lucky pals. The first one will firstly choose the prize and so on.

Shipping is international & completely free for you. Results on July 15th.

Meowy wowy hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

I'd like Kittn to write more about her bump and i'd like to see Kittn painting special T-shirts for special bumps :). and i like that Kitten writes about kittnship.

Anonymous said...

I guess people are avoiding to enter first, cause 1 never wins :) but what a heck, here I go!
I was really loving the place-a-day series and I hope you can continue with it!
It's also really fun seeing you "in action", as you work, and I'd like more of that.
And your doodles :)And whatever goes through your mind.

Freyja said...

hey there. first things first, i must say i'm a bit ashamed; it's just now that i'm finally writing to you, although i've been following you&your work since the very beginning. :)
apoi, felicit din suflet iniţiativa. mă voi gândi şi eu la câteva lucruri pe care să le pun la bătaie aici.
şiii din moment ce eşti graviduţă :), mi se pare firesc să-ţi spun că abia aştept să văd hăinuţe pt pitici, pictate de mâinile tale magice.
te îmbrăţişez cu drag.


I would like to see some elephants in various of colours, there is a saying that they bring good luck in our lifes and we are always looking for some luck...

suppperr ideea with the pilow, i realy realy like it ( and the ones before this one)

honeybunny said...

Hey, Kitten. I'd like to see some bunny thingies (t-shirts or pillows or anything sweet) :) I love your work.

Murmu said...

Heii kittn...lovely giveaway..i will like so much to see pilows with dogs...yes i know...cats hate dogs but still...what do u say?:D kiss

Anca said...

Oh boy, oh boy! I would just love to come and play&relax on the beach!

As you know, I'm a huge fan of your work, so keep bringing the magic on! Also, I love your illustrations and would love to see more of that, or even get them in print..
Oh, and as Daria said, A Place a Day projects should go on!

Signed - a great ninja fan,
Anca :)

Anonymous said...

Pouff, I will write and hope to create for pregnant & kids soon (as soon as I surpass this weird stage/period/environment/weird people in my life that I didn't invite and that I don't want to speak much of); I promise it won't take more than a few weeks... thanks with all my heart for being there, I love your work too, have I ever told you?

Cristina Papacu said...

D., let go of the superstitions, kittns say everyone's a winner here!
Thanks for your support, glad you like place-a-day + drawings! I will continue it in just a few weeks with a big big SURPRISE! :-*

Cristina Papacu said...

Draga Freyja,
Bine ai venit, de trei ori bine ai venit!
Sunt onorata + gadilata de cuvintele tale frumoase si energia buna pe care o transmiti kittn-ilor :-)
Proiectez, si sper ca in curand sa creez mai mult pentru copii.
Te astept pe aici ori de cate ori simti!

Cristina Papacu said...

Draga pisica, nu iti stiu numele, doar blogul tau ce se intituleaza Cuvinte Ratacite.
Nu e prima oara cand aud ca elefantii aduc noroc, pana sa ne luam cate unul sau macar sa dam o raita prin jungla impreuna, voi schita unii, sper sa fie pe placul tau.
Iti multumesc pentru tot si... mult noroc!

Cristina Papacu said...

Hello honey bunny, you must be the sweetest person indeed bearing this cute name!
I promise I will look for more inspiration in the bunny world; thanks a lot for your support
(what is the sound bunnies make?)

Cristina Papacu said...

Murmu, cats don't hate dogs, nor the other way around, only people hate people, unfortunately.
My mom has two dogs and two cats and they are singing John Lennon's Give peace a chance, all together :-)
Your long-ears-doggie best friend seems wonderful, too! :-*

Cristina Papacu said...

Dear Anca, I hope to have a print collection too, I guess the ideas are just connecting now...
The truth is I have focused on personal life more lately than on work (although the first includes the latter) and I couldn't make ends meet just yet.
But your amazing presence and support surely help me a lot to carry on! Thanks, gorgeous!

Murmu said...

Yes you are so right kittn...only people hate other people...we should learn more from animals cause they have big hearts...And this i can prouve;)) Mersi de aprecieri ptr urecheata mea...Hera se va bucura.Pupici!!

sasha said...

I like it when Kitten opens up with powerful superhero stories and advice. I'd like to read more lateral thinking posts, which she's so good at & more crafts done by her. any crafts :)

Anonymous said...

thank you :)

honeybunny said...

I once had a bunny that was very quiet until my dog started chasing him around in the garden. Then it started making a weird high sound, which I'd never be able to reproduce. But most bunnies learned kittish and they meow sometimes, when they're around nice persons. Or so they tell :)

Cristina Papacu said...

hihi, honeybunny you are very sweet! your bunny drawing will come right away

Verdesiroz said...


I would really loooove to see your interpretation of Fifi Le Lapin, a series of posh like Kitten. Let's call her Kitten in the City:))

Secondly, this is on a writing level, I would love for you to tell us all about the future Baby Kitten, how it will be etc. Maybe start a collection for mommies: Kittenx2:)

Many hugs and kisses!

Laura said...

Buna Kitten,mi-ar placea sa vad mai multe si la fel de frumoase postari cu ilustratiile tale superbe!Ma inspira in fiecare zi!



ana said...

heii there.
mi-ar placea sa vad mai multe perne, arata superb toate. mai multe schite, ilustratii, desene de-ale tale. sunt super! si la cat mai multe cu amelie, imi place mult personajul!
mult spor, mult chef, si multa inspiratie. si mult soare pe plaja!:D

handmade.mititel said...

:D Mi-ar face mare plăcere să văd o carticiă ilustrată de tine...cu diferite etape din viata prețioasă a unui personaj pufos.

O mare fana a lumii tale minunate,

Cristina Papacu said...

Thanks for your wonderful idea, as I'm going to be traveling soon (and on the dun again) I will sketch a lot and hopefully have many great ideas too.
Warm loving hugs back at you, from the 2 kittns :-)

Cristina Papacu said...

Draga Laura,

Bine ai venit! Iti multumesc pentru incredere, ma ajuta mult. Sper sa gasim mereu inspiratie, sa mai si visam, sa mai si zbur(d)am.
Cu drag.

Cristina Papacu said...

Buna Ana, ma bucur mult de tot ca iti plac desenele si pernele, parerile tale conteaza mult.
Aproape uitasem de Amelie si istoria ei, multumesc ca mi-ai reamintit, voi desena in curand.
Si tie iti urez mutl succes, dar mai ales o vara minunata!

Cristina Papacu said...

Draga mea Alina,
Aproape nu stiu cum sa iti raspund, in felul dulce in care ma chemi :-)
Te imbratisez, poftim, tare, tare.
O carticica e in plan in colaborare cu o prietena (si sper sa nu mai dureze mult, stam mai putin bine la capitolul timp/organizare), si pana atunci, poate vor fi niste mini povesti aici pe site.
Cu drag,


cu multa vreme in urma :) ti-am cerut sa ma ajuti si mi-ai creat 2 masini minicooper pe un hanorac negru :), hanoracul a trecut prin multe maini si situatii, inca traieste si vreau sa il pastrez cat pot de mult:)

carmen elena ma numesc - galati .

multumesc inca 1 data pentru sansa de a castiga una din creatiile tale!
Ptr mine chiar esti o inspiratie prin prisma a ceea ce citesc si vad creat de tine, inspiri optimism si pofta de viata.

Cristina Papacu said...

Wow, Elena, ce surpriza placuta, sunt emotionata! Sigur ca stiu, mai am si acum desenele, normal, si ma bucur ca hanoracul e cu tine... dupa 3 ani, sau sa fie 4? :-)
Iti multumesc ca esti prezenta aici, uau, inca o data zic ce surpriza placuta, si ma ajuti prin prezenta ta cu incredere si curaj sa merg mai departe!
Te imbratisez cu drag,

Sydney said...

Hey Kittn! i love all this three prizes! you artworks are creative!

It's my first time enter this blog.. I hope to see more lovely shirt designs like "I am not afraid of dragons" :) xxx


Cristina Papacu said...

Hello Sydney and welcome!
I'm happy to have yo here... lots of luck and needless to say I'm checking your blog too

miha.ela said...

Buna Kitten, mi-ar placea sa vad multe in lumea ta minunata. Am o simpatie aparte pentru pisici :), aripi de inger, cai, broaste testoase, salcii, inimi, asta doar o parte.. Caci daca pentru unii cariera e pe primul loc, pentru mine dragostea e totul !
Iti prezint un vechi prieten, il chema Vasile :) :

Iti multumesc pentru sansa de a castiga una din creatiile tale!
mihaela.mihordea at gmail dot com

Cristina Papacu said...

Draga Mihaela,

Si eu cred ca iubirea 'salveaza' totul. A simti, a fi uman, a fi cum mama natura a intentionat...
Iti multumesc pentru incredere, urez succes si sper sa ma vizitezi cand simti!
Cu drag,