June 7, 2011

Paper planes...

... most of us made them when we were kids and I guess they were built in situations we didn't like so much and wanted to escape: mainly during class or homework. Their purpose was to take us on their wings so we could fly away to a more interesting or just a better place.
Then we grew up and found ourselves in stranger and more complicated situations than an undesired homework or a boring school class. Whether it's an unhealthy relationship or a terrible job we somehow get stuck for long trying to figure out what to do in order to feel better. We over calculate and arrange the facts and solutions when in fact we seem to have lost the simple answer that we once knew: make a paper plane and get away!
The paper planes may now represent a new job or our self confidence and the wings can be strong with the courage to start new beginnings. Life is too short to hang around in dreary situations so make paper planes, not war. :-)

PS. Paper planes go to all of us and especially to Myshi (but I can't say more, because the t-shirts haven't arrived yet and I don't want to spoil the surprise)


Ina said...

aaaw cat de draguut!

Anca said...

True story!
I really love the story behind this drawing, it's quite inspirational!
Paper planes rule! :D

Anonymous said...

:-* ma bucur ca iti place, ipi iee!

Cristina Papacu said...

I'm doing some self-motivation these days... >:D<

Anonymous said...

N-am cuvinte...esti o mica, mare filosoafa si....o prietena.
Iti doresc sa-ti fie bine!