August 17, 2011

A few ideas on journeys + dreams

Hello kid.

Today I want to take you on a journey back to fantastic adventures, in a time when magic and possible existed as a daily reality, not only in fairy tales.

I want you to take a second and remember when we were kids we never feared that snow brick wall we built was going to fall down, we never worried the dolls we played house with were eventually going to break up. We just played, we just lived.

The only novel written for children

I read a brilliant book when I was about 13 (that's almost two decades ago). It's called In Desert and Wilderness and it tells us an ever true story of not giving up, of trusting one's will and strength. On the short, two kids are making a journey through mighty Africa, facing kidnapping, wild animals like gorillas, lions, leopards, diseases like malaria + many other sorts of dangers and obstacles which they surpass holding on to each other, believing they will make it.

Africa United movie

A few days ago I watched a rather similar (on the same conceptual level) movie which depicts the journey of five children from Rwanda all the way down to South Africa to take part in the opening show of the football world cup. In order to get there, they go through amazing adventures. Whether there are wild animals to escape from, people with shotguns or fatal diseases, nothing stops the group from succeeding. They all have dreams and they all know the only way is straight forward.

When you'll read + watch, you'll find out both book and movie also tell you what friendship really is.

Remember the time?

It's true, back when we were kids we just did everything with courage, enthusiasm and determination in a much serious manner than we do now when we call ourselves adults.

We couldn't tell what was good or bad, or even perceive the concept of impossible until grown-ups and society educated us. We just imagined things and then transformed them into reality. We cooked a rose petal jam + mud and were happy about it, without getting angry we couldn't eat it. We rocked a gymnastics championship on the block without thinking of the prize we would win. We built doll houses and played or hours both focused and relaxed, without needing cigarettes to feel so. We jumped and ran around all day, after each other, in teams, one leg up, sideways, backwards without owning a monthly subscription or expensive gear.

Please recall it without being nostalgic or sad, but with the belief we still have those drives and we can pass them on. First of all it's never too late to get back to dreaming and making it come true. Secondly, we have the chance to make it easier on our kids by putting aside the use of don't.

Understand the world we live in is just a series of convention and concepts. Everything is as real as we think/picture it is.

Can't you see?

We become adults just to wish we were kids again.


Anca said...

This is such an inspiring post! I love it! I couldn't agree more - but I must confess that sometimes I wonder if we still have that free and fearless child in us. I really hope so!
Oh, and the ending of the post reminded me of something I heard some time ago: When we are kids we desperately want to be like everybody else, but when we grow up, we desperately want to be different!

Cristina Papacu said...

I'm very happy you liked it, although I wanted to say so much, but it was difficult to compress it into a short text.
The child we were is always there inside. Pay attention when the 'child ego state' appears, even if the situations are unfavorable; like that you can get to understand the child better.
And with that know yourself more.

mihaela said...

and life is sooooo great that it allows us to have children and grandchildren and this is all because it wants to make us, at least, remember how we were when we were children. I try with Adina to give her the courage and the hope that she can do what she feels like doing. I just tell her "be careful, you might fall" but just this - and sometimes I wonder if I should :)

Cristina Papacu said...

Me too, I wonder how far can we go. But the way you are saying is a huge step in front on the right track.
I guess explaining which could be the situations/results/dangers is normal, in the end life is full of frustrations and our kids can't avoid them, unfortunately.
Don't do it/stop/shut up/orders + calling names + spanking on the other hand have nothing to do with reality, but with people's own projected fears + lack of patience.
Thanks a lot for your comment M., a precious contribution like always. :-)