August 23, 2011

Unique custom t-shirts

I was saying to Anca the other day that I rarely post very personalized items created here in our kittenish workshop. For most of them I haven't even taken photographs over the years, that's how excited I was to send them to their rightful owners.

My dear friend advised me to show the works as special stories are always nice to read.

So today we present you t-shirts that belong to a courageous, very energetic woman who, among other things, takes flight lessons and is a part of a expedition group. She loves to have her head in the clouds (literally), so kittns drew a cute playful plane and fluffy clouds on a blue t-shirt.

As for her big love for mountains, we painted an adventurous but confident girl always conquering another cliff, as for the third t-shirt below, we sewed an edelweiss flower over a big heart made of tulle.

In the end, more than the work itself that I highly enjoy I feel honored to be a part of the story, to make a contribution and share a moment + space in time.


Anca said...

Oh, such a wise friend you have! :p

Sunshine, you look simply gorgeous and you designs are, as always, pure loveliness!
I'm sure the lovely receiver of these tee will be thrilled! :)

Sydney said...

Lovely design :')

*thanks for the comment I appreciated it xx

Cristina Papacu said...

Thank you very much for your presence and good energy, wise awesome friends! :-D :-*