September 4, 2011

The most complete pregnancy guide

You are a miracle. Each second we live is a new unique moment that's not going to happen again... And what do we teach our children? We say two plus two equals four and Paris is the capital of France. When are we going to teach them what they are? We should have said to each one of them: you know what you are? You are a miracle. You are unique. There has never been a child like you, with the same legs, with your arms, your agile fingers or the way you move. You are able to become all that you want to be. Yes, you are a miracle. And when you grow up, would you really hurt another one like you, another miracle?
I found this introduction in an Anne Geddes book I bought on a huge sale on Saturday. I was so happy to finally own a glimpse of her work that I carried the book with the excitement as of discovering a precious treasure chest.
There is not much to say when it comes to miracles. You feel a miracle, you praise it, you dream about it and wonder. You just can't put much into words and that is why each time I wanted to write here about carrying a baby - moods, fun facts and even pregnancy eating habits - everything faded away making room just for life to go on and grow.
If you are already a mom you know, if you will be one you will know everything is a personal experience, an intimate journey. To all, I have one suggestion to make: listen to your bodies + inner voices + intuitions, they are the best manual you've got. Eat what you need to eat, wear what you want to wear, cry when you need to cry.
One of my best friends had her baby last week. It seems just yesterday we were in school. Now I look at her looking at him and I can see the miracle is there in her eyes too.
And it's only the beginning...

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