September 7, 2011

Help, my sewing machine is gone

Hello beautiful people.

As you've been waiting for the goodies I promised and they didn't show up, I owe you an explanation + apology.

The thing is kittns haven't been able to finish their latest work (yes, blame it on them) because the sewing machine they were working on... disappeared. Long story short, we were using the machine the landlady lent us until one day last week when we entered our room and it was gone. I will refrain from &*%#@%&$ making comments for now, but I'm really sorry for this awful event that delayed the work.

Kittns and I are currently saving money to buy a sweet darling of our own soon, which no one will take away anymore. Just so you know when you are ordering t-shirts or other goodies, almost everything goes to the sewing machine fund.

Until then please accept Sewing is my art free card, an original drawing pencil on paper + red thread handmade stitch.

Kisses and many thanks for your understanding.


Anca said...

This drawing is the cutest!!
My dear, I do hope kittns get their own super-awesome sewing machine..I can't wait to see all the wonderful new lovelies and more.. :)

Ina said...

Oh, no, how terrible :(
Hope you get a new one soon!

Cristina Papacu said...

Anca, I like this simple style too + I got a new sketches book and the first drawing is always the cutest :-D
hugs back & have a great weekend!

Cristina Papacu said...

Dear Ina, I dedicate this illustration to you (everyone knows about your fiery passion).
Thanks for your support, I hope it won't take long!