September 8, 2011

Nobody puts baby in a corner T-shirt

Let's make it a romantic weekend with a new T-shirt inspired by the one and only Dirty Dancing.

The movie had everything sweet and more: summer vacation love story, pretty dresses, awesome music + dancing, the wonderful performance of the late Patrick Swayze who uttered the now-classic line Nobody puts Baby in a corner meaning we're all free to pursue our goals and dreams. No matter if others call us idealistic or try to stop us, no dream is too big as no dreamer is too small.

So this weekend wave your hands up, sing or dance passionately if you still believe that generosity and honesty can conquer all, true love clearly exists and a wave of heat fills your heart when you imagine all your dreams can come true...


daria said...

aww! those kittens look so cute!

Cristina Papacu said...

thanks babe, they're Jennifer & Patrick :-))