October 17, 2011

Mommy + daughter personalized T-shirts

The photo above is a glimpse of the new T-shirts we invented for Val mommy + Daria princess. Dear Val is expecting again and she wanted something to always symbolize their connection, to let her daughter know she is precious and unique.

Val is an artist herself and she does a lot of amazing things like working with a huge range of materials from clay to natural flowers for example, styling weddings, hosting creative workshops for kids + parents and many other wonders.

But why did we say new T-shirts? Well, it's because once in four years it happened: the first T-shirts got lost in the post. As we waited and waited and they still didn't find their way to Val, we've made others and changed the colors a bit, making them look even more cheerful.

But here are photos of the lost T-shirts:

We can't wait until they finally arrive... we can almost hear Daria's happy laughter and feel Val's joy when she hugs her.

And that's how the story goes, with a mommy and her beloved princess, adventures in Postland and kittns that work to make their amazing friends dreams come true...


Anca said...

These are so cute, both designs!

I'm sorry for the lost package, I guess it's one of those risks we take!

Surely, the new tees will be loved and cherished by Val and Daria. :D

sasha said...

wouaaah, ce dragut e !