November 1, 2011

We're here, we're OK!

Hi cats, long time no see.

I use the internet for a few hours a day normally, but our new home is not connected yet.

I'm glad I took some time away from the computer - first of all I cooled down with the never ending I could never draw as amazingly as she/he does syndrome that I always have while browsing flickr, pikaland, etsy, etc so I've been feeling more inspired + secure lately.

Other than that I actually did things, like working to finish new T-shirts, arranging the house, cooking, writing longer messages to friends but most of all enjoyed being with my sweethearts, big baby Marco + small baby that is almost here (35 weeks and counting...).

The only thing that I missed was writing here as often as I had ideas but maybe it's for the better as I'm in a phase when I'm learning more about quality + quantity.

I don't know when we will be connected at home, but for now I'm using WiFi at internet cafes so be sure your message gets to us.

In the next days we will talk about how to get friendly with spiders, how it would be if money wouldn't exist, hand crafted personalized T-shirts of course, a random day with kittns, a bit about pregnancy and many more. So don't miss out and please write whenever you feel like saying hello.

Speaking about kittns, here is lovely Adina wearing Soldier of love T-shirt, hat from personal wardrobe + colorful autumn leaves + lots of the most beautiful emotions in the world!

Plus the hot 1 + 1 = 3 promo continues in November, yay!


Anca said...

Oh, I love my "Soldier of love" tee also, but I just can't pull that "I'm so awesome and natural" attitude like lil' Adina does :p

So you too suffered from the "he/she does it better" syndrome? It's just awful, isn't it!?
I too felt that staying away from the Internet helped.
You keep drawing those wonderful-magical and unique designs of yours..cause you rule! :D

Cristina Papacu said...

Thanks, love. You too have that imprint that says 'this piece is Bo3mia' and makes them so beautiful.
Yep, taking a distance from the computer is great for now, as I feel I am so short on time anyway (4 weeks missing till baby is here)