November 1, 2011

Imagine... there's no money

In my searches for an affordable baby bed I stumbled upon a site, found a good seller and wrote a message. So far so good (and normal, you might add).

Leonor wrote back telling me she checked our site, was impressed... And here is where the cool part of the story begins: she said she didn't want money for the bed, but instead I could create T-shirts for her and her twins!

Wasn't that awesome? I immediately started to think how nice the world would be if we went back to exchanging items + services.

Then one thing led to another and I began to wonder how our lives would be like if one wouldn't have five cars meanwhile another is struggling for tomorrow. Do we really need to pay to live on the planet that we were born? How about paying for water + gas, are those companies sharing their earnings with our beloved Earth? Am I really in a financial crisis when I afford dinner tonight while people in another country actually die of hunger? (can you really imagine how that feels? are their lives less precious than mine? what does equal opportunity really mean?)


Anonymous said...

how lovely! it's great that you met someone so wonderful!

Anca said...

This is such a lovely story!
It's nice from time to time (at least) to be able to offer something you made or your time and resources in exchange for goods.. :)

Leonor said...

Thank YOU Cristina!
It was nice meeting you and your work.
All the best for your baby (hope he can be happy in his "dream-of-a-better-world" little bed).

Ps. You should check Spoonflower a site were you can print in textile your own artwork!

Cristina Papacu said...

Thanks girls, you're the best!

Leonor, thanks again for everything including the positive energy! I already wrote something about Spoonflower here but I haven't done any projects yet... soon my precious :-))