November 7, 2011

Once upon a friend

Her name is Andrada, she's recently (happily) married and I kind of played their matchmaker two years ago.

She is also very creative and fun to be with as every time we met I got that feeling of making myself comfortable in my seat anticipating the lovely stories. She is the person to always surprise you with something even if just an insight. Have I also said she's very resourceful?
I can see myself in her a lot, although I haven't showed my feelings until now.

We chat sometimes, but even if our encounters are rather rare I'm sure she knows I appreciate her a lot.

I was inspired to create her own character in a kittnish style and tired to reveal wit, innocence, curiosity, humanity, understanding. Oh, and her amazing eyes!

Then, kittns helped sew + paint the T-shirts according to her requests. The last one is a surprise (like always I don't know if the package arrived yet, so I'll post the photo later on).

We thank you from our hearts for wearing our stuff, Andrada!


Andrada said...

Snifff, n-au ajuns încă :( dar nu-mi pierd speranta!

Sky Turtle said...

lovely illustrations and tshirt and how very nice to meet her :D

Andrada said...


Cristina Papacu said...

gosh, we are all so lovely :-D