November 9, 2011

The time is now

Here's a simple + true idea I stumbled upon the other day when I watched the movie Midnight in Paris.

We tend to be unsatisfied with the present and always imagine the past was better, so we escape or seek refuge going back in time. But the thing is it's normal that the present is a bit challenging as life itself is rarely colored pink. What we fail to notice is that once we go back to live in that desired past time, it becomes present so we would try to escape that too eventually. Therefore living in the past makes no sense, it would be Sisyphus's work to catch that perfect moment.

I say this is also true for running to the future. We spend our lives projecting, planning, waiting, anticipating a perfect time that never comes. If for seconds we might feel we reached that time, it becomes present and we find ourselves in search of new wishes and ideals again. So living for the future is illusory too.

It's natural to go back sometimes, remember or search for causes. It would be tough living without a memory.

Looking ahead, hoping and building are natural too. We would be miserable without our dreams.

But what's better than this moment? After all, it's just living an eternal present that we sometimes like to call past or future.

Head in the clouds, custom order for a special woman pilot.

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