December 16, 2011

Dear diary

It's 8.05 pm and Sean fell asleep (our bed is the best). No, no, not for the night, he's waking up every three or four hours to eat and he's a bit restless cause of the damn colic. We already started an intensive massage campaign against these pains + patience + of course love.

Days go by so fast and they lost their conventional definition, we no longer have tuesdays or saturdays... Perhaps you can live without this information but I succedeed to do my nails two days ago. While in train.

Today I could even work (how I missed it). Our baby wasn't bothered at all by Ophelia (for those of you who walked in late, I'm talking about our sewing machine).

Getting back to Sean, you should know we have plenty of things to do: besides eating (like there's no tomorrow), being diapered and dressed in pastels, we also walk along the coast, we dance with dad, take baths and almost spa treatments + massages. Oh, the good life!

I watch his sleep. In this crazy crazy world, through fixations and illusions he is our chance to stop and shout that miracles do exist!

It's almost 9 pm and I'm wondering what to do first (this rush is becoming a habit). Should I shower? Prepare dinner? Steal an hour's sleep? Write to friends?...

Marco sleeps next to me. He's got chores under his pillow, too. And everything revolves around the little man who sleeps peacefully trying out his first smiles...

It's 9.10 pm. (yawn)... Sleep well!
Hand painted pillow by kittns, one of the latest works
More gifts from Anca, earrings, Christmas decorations, magazines + such awesome packaging
Dirty dancing, handpainted children's bag by kittns


Leonor said...

Congratulations Cristina!
All the best for you 3.
Hope he can be as happy and crazy (in a good way) as the little guy that used to sleep in that small bed not long ago! ;-)

Um beijo

Cristina Papacu said...

Thanks for everything, Leonor! He actually falls asleep in our bed or on our shoulders and then we put him to his bed... but anyway it's always lovely to have you here; hope all is good with you too!


ina said...

Nu stiu cum faci, dar tot ce scrii tu imi merge la suflet. Numai bine va doresc!

Cristina Papacu said...

Draga Ina, sunt fericita sa ne bucuram impreuna!