January 4, 2012

Everything changes

Last year's Christmas paper tree upgraded with decorations from Bo3mia.com
Online, finally. We connected to a Hot Spot for now, it's starting with Friday that we'll have a permanent internet connection. kittns prepared a lemon tea and we're taking a trip through the mighty world wide web.

So how have you been? Have you enjoyed the New Year party? Well, we had ours in bed and here is how.

When I was a kid my biggest wish at New Year's was to stay awake for as long as I could, long enough to even see the reruns on TV, if possible. My eyes were closing as I was unfailingly falling asleep around 1 am each year. Good thing I was on at midnight!

Then, several years later I made it, I managed to stay awake. In my years as a party girl I could stay awake even more than 24 hours, the uncomfortable high heels helped anyway.

Time went by and here we are, present time. On December 31 we went to bed and we fell asleep a little before midnight. We held each other tight, just in case we couldn't kiss like sleepwalkers. I forgot about the TV shows, dancing and champagne, I never wanted so much to stay home and spend New Year's in bed. And sleep, by all means.

The next day we continued just as relaxed. Still in bed, as our pyjama party for three was awesome. Our kid smiled to us, we played with him, we sang, we studied our face expressions, we made plans, had doce de leite ice-cream (just Sean had plain milk :-) and had rounds of sleep.

And just like that we discovered new ways to enjoy the New Year's, of course with lots of love + positive thinking on our side. Welcome, 2012!


Anonymous said...

happy new year, sweets!

Cristina Papacu said...

may you live a wonderful new beginning!