January 23, 2012

The day we all smiled

We wanted to have some fresh air + a picnic so we went to Marechal Carmona Park. We sat on the grass and while we were enjoying a bit of sun, we saw a lady smiling at us. I waved and she came along with her son: they were Petra + Max.
Then, she sat with us and we talked that talk when thoughts and words come easily.
I don't know if it was just a brief connection or it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but I felt great.

That happened just after I was thinking there is rarely kindness between walkers by. Most people live under this pressure I-don't-know-who imposed, that the others may be potential enemies instead of assuming they are potential friends. Often, but what am I saying often it's practically every day, our paths cross and our eyes meet rather in emptiness than in grace and good intentions.

So I'm guessing the universe whispered hey, kittns, there is still hope for sympathy, tenderness and good will + our encounter would have never happened if I stayed home. I'm making a note to myself and you can take this advice too: go outside more, focus on the positive, be open.

Good people will come to you.

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