February 12, 2012

Thing-a-day: insights

February started with Thing-a-day, an awesome project I wanted to attend to for several years. It's ironic that I'm in just now when work time is very short, but maybe nothing is coincidental and the universe is trying to whisper something...

First discovery: the blunt truth is I'm still running against time, I'm still separating want from must.

There are moments during the day when I wish my son would be older and I could work or we could create something together. Then, in the evening when he falls asleep at my breast and I stroke his hand, when he's smiling in his sleep and breathing easily, I wish he stayed a baby forever and we could sing some more and dance some more and talk our sweet talk. It's then when I realize my struggle to make one thing or another is in vain, as we're already creating together the most beautiful stories and wonders day by day. And I feel I'm doing a good job!

This daily challenge also tells me I should create more and show less. Perhaps I'm proud to reveal just one of a hundred sketches, it may be just one drawing I would hang on the wall.

Thing-a-day reminded me I don't have a proper work space at home, but I wish for one with all my heart. That corner where among significant dear items, glimpses, colors and air thick with inspiration you sit, you inhale and feel you reached a star and caught it in the palm of your hand.
(No more waiting another day: I am happy to let you know that Marco is buying a desk and shelves as we speak, so the work space should come alive the next days.)

We made 10 thingies in 12 days so far, but we have an agenda filled with ideas and projects. No worries, if they're meant to materialize they will some day.

I'm proud to participate alongside enthusiasts who help making the world a better place by putting positive energy in their daily inventions. Also posting on Thing-a-day blog gets me feeling I've nothing to complain about working alone. I'm not alone, I've got wonderful colleagues I work with everyday!

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